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Flight #3

It’s been about a month,  three posts, two pieces of music and nine different mind movies.   I guess the universality of music as a language lies in the fact that all who listen hear it correctly even when several people hear the same thing and then report it completely differently, it’s fine.  No disputes or contentious comments.I’m tempted to try and put the mindmovies in some kind of order and try to compose an instrumental opera, no such thing I think?  (now watch the dodge)….  but it’s getting cold;  my creative season is during warmer weather. Besides I got a bunch ‘o stuff to redo, rewrite,  rearrange, rerecord, re.etc.  That’ll be a good project for early spring.  (and I’m out).  How ’bout that for an artful dodge. I’ll continue to use the flight metaphor for lack of a different one presenting itself. And speaking of flights, #2 is called Mahasin.   First heard the word  I think in relation to Djinns and Raja’s etc.  much later met someone with the name and blabla. Anyway its flight time again,  So getcha self a chilled drink and sit for a minute.



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