Flight #2

Hey all. apologies for the wait.  Its all the tech stuff dont’cha know. Flight#2 awaits, boarding passes please. enjoy



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5 responses to “Flight #2

  1. Kaaya

    This song sounds like a yoga class. At the beginning, the teacher is telling everyone to settle down and be quiet and then when the nice soothing music comes on the whole room goes quiet and they all go into one pose and stay in that pose until the flutes start and that’s when they all go into another pose. And as the music goes down and quiet, the class packs up, roll their mats and leave the room. 😌😌

  2. LA

    I am mentally replaying scenes from a vacation – that I have not yet taken – to the Caribbean. This music is playing in the background as I walk through the quaint cobblestone streets, sight-seeing and shopping at the open-air bazaars-markets.

  3. Saw your comment on the Weekly Challenge and couldnt help but be intrigued at someone making use of the word ‘synchronicity’. My “flight” certainly satisfied the curiosity built up by the intrigue; I did actually enjoy the music, finding it expressive and quirky without coming off as pretentious. Looking forward to future posts 🙂

    • Thanks. Glad you liked the music. I’ll put a new piece on soon. Meanwhile, check out the ‘ flying fancily’ post and then have another listen. I think you’ll enjoy.

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