Thank you everyone for visiting the site. I’ll post a new piece of music this week.   I thought while we’re refueling , maybe you’d enjoy a little game of cloud ( in the sky ) watching, or a taste of fall foliage ooh’ing and aaah’ing. This’ll be like clearing the pallet between wine tastings. I’d thought that I maybe lost a step or two making cloud stuff. But not really. A little warmup and I saw circus elephants,  a shark,  rabbit,  and a couple seals. All the stuff I kinda remember was up there when I use to look up more frequently. Flight#1 is titled  The Rundown.  I don’t have a mindmovie for this piece, more a feeling that I was moving faster than I felt comfortable.  Wasn’t clear whether I was chasing something or something was chasing me.  A ride on a  ( merry )go round. Once again, thanks for visiting. Bring a friend along next time                                     gjk

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November 4, 2013 · 1:28 pm

6 responses to “Refueling

  1. Mind movie… I’m in an elevator, late for a meeting on an upper floor. I keep watching my watch… It keeps stopping at different floors – people get on, people get off. The elevator goes all the way up to the floor just below the one I need… then back to the bottom level… Starts all over again. A little bit comical, a little bit urgent, tiny bit of … don’t know, (pressure mounting) but picturing Steve Martin. I like this idea; it’s fun.

  2. zelezele

    Mind Movie:

    Lots of jump cuts and fades and wipes of two different women getting ready for work early in the morning. I kind of musical routine is performed. The women move rhythmically and typically until they close their front doors and head off to work.
    If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to actually make this into a short film using the music you made. Of course I’ll clearly state where viewers can find more music by you towards the end of the film as well. 🙂

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