Flying Fancily

I’ve taken many flights of fancy. Too many some might say.  But considering the stress and chaos of life,  aka ” the daily grind “, I always enjoy, even look forward to and regularly book my own flights. I usually book through the use of nonlyrical musical passages of indiscriminate genres.                                                                              During twenty or so years working as a music therapist and time spent in various playing and teaching venues, I’ve also been privileged to be a passenger on other peoples flights.

I think that our perceptual lives are led around our senses by what we see. Everything flows from the seeing.                                                                                                                     I extend to you an invitation to see what it’s like to give the ears a turn at leading.  Attached is an mp3 file (unnamed), that I request you listen to and make a “mind movie”  from.  Kinda like making a movie with the music inspiring the story rather than the music made to fit the story.  Your movie  can be anything from a phrase to a parable to a pheeling.  It can be an impression from a single listen, or a fully developed idea after wrapping up in the music like a blankee.  The idea is to take time to take a breath and allow your imagination out to play. Remember?  That fun part of you that’s always getting shut down by ‘THE GRIND ‘.

About the music : All music is original. Some pieces are in song form, maybe a story waiting for you to tell in your own words?  Others may be no more than an improvised passage on which you may wanna riff, or rage. It’s your ‘mindmovie’.  The reason for no title is simply …….  no influence.  Entirely YOUR flight of fancy.  I’ll tell you the title when I put up the next piece of musi.c in about a week.

Post your mindmovie before reading any comments, ( once again no influence),  and we’ll see what the world looks like from a sound perspective

hope you enjoy your flight,


flight host

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16 responses to “Flying Fancily

  1. Patricia

    This is a great idea.

  2. I found myself re-waking up and smiling out into the atmospher of the planet and sucking up all negative energy from the oceans and the planet in a huge cosmic vacuum cleaner which converted all of into pink healing light which bathed the planet in love, right to the very core of the earth where a golden shining heart resides.

    Or something like that.

    Peace to all beings!

  3. Gwen

    My mind movie for this piece:
    It is a cool, windy, fall day. I decide to walk and catch the train to work instead of driving today. My walk is brisk and I’m enjoying the coolness of the air. On the way, I spot a Starbucks, and stop in for a mocha latte. I was there a bit longer than I had anticipated. Oh shit! I’m 10 minutes away from the train’s 5 minutes arrival time. I’m running now. Whew! made it! Hmm, I’m lost in delight of my mocha latte.

  4. Kaaya

    The song is like you’re walking into a cafe and theres live music, and theres people snapping there fingers and having coffee

  5. Serge

    In my mind, I envision a chase that is occurring in the deserted streets of an Asian country such as Japan. It involves Intrigue, someone spying on someone else. Reminiscent of a 007 scenery with international players, including Latin and Caribbean agents.

  6. MJ

    This is such a great idea and so like you Gerard. I really like this piece. It reminds me of being in a country outside of the USA at dusk. A woman (not me) dancing in the shadows and people passing by and smiling as she dances alone in her own world with her eyes closed and a slight smile on her face.

  7. Jones

    Wow. This was a very relaxing and soothing. It made me think of a cruise on the islands.

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